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Mark Brunetz (born August 14, 1963) is an American television host, interior designer and author.He has hosted the programs "Clean House" and "Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country" on the Style Network.With less than 30 days left until The 7th Annual Organizing Awards, what better way to get excited about the big day (Jan. ) than by looking back at those who have taken the coveted trophy again and again through the years?

Her belief in and commitment to the fibre and her instant support for the educational marketing ambitions of the Prince's Campaign led to the launch of the Campaign's CEU programme for designers.Read More MADISON, WI (April 4, 2017) FLOOR360, provider of high-fashion flooring and designs announced that Centro Hispano in Madison, WI will receive the 2017 Design for a Difference Makeover free of charge.Local interior designers work with an army of suppliers, installers, painters, and other volunteers to come together over the course of the year to plan and provide a much needed interior design makeover for Centro Hispano, 810 West Badger Road Madison, WI.Read More Written by and Photo by David Dahmer (March 24, 2017) Centro Hispano is getting a total interior makeover of its building on Madison’s south side.That was the big news that came out of the Spring into Design kickoff event last night at FLOOR360 in Verona.

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