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They want to know if you are married or currently dating someone else. I am planning a trip to nigeria very soon..been talking to a man there for nearly 2 years on the phone most everyday...either he calls me or I call him..we stay in constant touch..have become very close...have been talking about marriage..I should marry him while I am in nigeria..long would it take to get him access to come to the states to join me...we may decide to hold off for sometime..will just have to wait and chance we do...i would be returning to nigeria to make the trip back with him....

i am not very boisterous, and i respect him to the utmost, everyone that sees our relationship ponders if he is possessed, as he has the ultimate wife, even his sisters said tehy could not take the things from any naija man that i take.

SEE ALSO: Top 50 Nigerian Foods That Will Make You Salivate Another thing they look out for in a man is the physical stature.

They want to see how tall, how masculine, and how clean you are, especially the urban girls.

I have also tried my best to support him in any way I can.

This situation is frustating hurtful and embarrasing but all I can say is give it to God and ask him to show us the answers.139343909 #17476By dprincejay on Wednesday, February 08, 2006 - am Looking 4an answer I wish we could get to chat and discuss in private outside the forum so that I can tell you what to do and we can with time work out things I believe you could win your man from any issues he might have gone into waiting to read from you.

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  1. An experienced participant of long-term, long-distance relationships, I’ve never let proximity get in the way of true love and I’m a travel lover – so I signed up for OKCupid and didn’t limit myself. He really didn’t know anyone in his area and worked from home, so he had very limited opportunities to meet anyone new.