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I understood that I should change the wp-config file. I understood that I should add ] I'm not good at programming (just a newbie who wants his own domain), can you help me? If this is not how to solve the problem, please offer me another solution.

I am quite in a great need of help :) I can't post the file here (it seems I don't format it well), but I can explain the structure: Changing the memory limit only hides the problem, it doesn't solve it.

This tutorial shows how DRCP can be used by new or existing applications without writing or changing any application logic.

Instead of trying to hide the error in a corner, try fixing it.

Look at where the error happens, see if you can find what the "last straw" is that makes it exceed the memory limit.

The standard memory amount for PHP is 128M, but 000webhost lowers it by default to 64MB.

Parts of WP do not like the lower limit (and no, I'm far from defending WP or in this case probably its plugins for doing this :) ) Go Daddy seems to reduce the memory_limit value to 64M by default.

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