Updating database using php

The cases are distinguished by the Server Request method through which the data is transferred.

GET indicates that the form is displayed when the user first gets to the page by pressing Edit Wish.

Otherwise, if the Server Request method is GET and the $_GET array contains an element with the key "wish ID", the values are retrieved from the database by the function get_wish_by_wish_id.

Finally, if the Server Request method is neither POST nor GET, which means the Add New Wish use case takes place, the elements are empty.

We just need to POST variables into a PHP script/wrapper right? MJC View Answer how to insert the data that have the same id with data in the example, i want to insert the data of branches from the customer master.

View Answer Getting an error upon submit: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the right syntax to use near '', '', 'Yes', '', 'Yes', '', 'Yes', '')' at line 4Here is what I have from line 1 - 12 in my php page: Warning: mysql_numrows(): supplied argument is not a valid My SQL result resource in /raid/vhost/tw/www/on line 43Table 'vhost59811.table_name' doesn't exist How should I do with this. so, it will send the customermaster Id('8') and branches Id ('14') to the database.however, in the database, it is already have a data with customermaster Id ('8')it means, how can i insert the data with multiple customermasterid.

Watch our live demo or download the update_file from below link, extract files and include them in view, controller and model directory of your codeigniter framework as shown in the Read file.

My SQL users: Click here to download the source code that reflects the project state after the previous lesson is completed.And if there is no submission ID matching, then a new insert is going to be made: Is it possible to get someone at Jot Form to help us bridge via API to Solve360 CRM?We're wanting to stick with Jotform, but may have to switch to other form builders for integration ease of use. uri=norada/training I feel confident that someone at Jot Form can solve this fairly easily...Oracle Database users: Click here to download the source code that reflects the project state after the previous lesson is completed.The functionality supports the following use case: page after an unsuccessful attempt to save.

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